At the moment I am working in Los Angeles, California.  However, I welcome freelance projects, and am always keeping an eye out for opportunities to work with great people who prioritize design.  While I have come to enjoy living in Southern California, I would be willing to relocate if necessary, and would relish an excuse to leave the
traffic behind.

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I relocated to Southern California to attend Cal Poly Pomona.  After graduating in 2000 with a BA in Architecture, I decided to pursue a degree in Industrial design from ArtCenter in Pasadena, where I graduated with honors in 2004.  Since then, I have been involved with my alma mater in various ways, ranging from being a guest speaker to becoming faculty and instructing a class in Spring 2007.

At the top of my list of passions would be design and communication.  Part of the fun
in being a product designer is educating consumers about the value and existence of great design in everyday life.  I believe design should actually be within the reach of people who cannot shop at Design Within Reach.

When not daydreaming or sketching, I can be found enjoying our national pastime, stretching my automotive legs on the Pacific Coast Highway, stretching my cycling legs on the streets of LA, or building calluses on my left hand learning to play the guitar.